Should i get Dual power or Single sided power?

Right-side cranks are a great way to put a 4iiii Powermeter because it makes clearance easier.

A dual power meter is the ultimate and most accurate training tool. A dual power meter will measure the power from each individual leg to calculate your total power output. You can also get data like pedal smoothness and torque effectiveness to analyze and optimize your pedal stroke. For those looking for the most accurate and data comprehensive power meter the 4iiii PRECISION PRO Dual Sided Powermeter is the right choice for you.


About to light it up with a 4iiii Powermeter to record the event

A single-sided power meter takes the power number from your Left or right leg and doubles it to show your power output. Single sided power is still an effective training tool for the vast majority or cyclists. What's important is that you will be getting consistent and reliable data for your training. Our left only 4iiii PRECISION Powermeters still come with our patented 3D Strain Guage technology and also include a scale factor meaning that if you know your leg imbalance you can calibrate your power meter through the 4iiii app to accommodate for this. If you do decide to upgrade from a single-sided power meter to a dual power meter be sure to re-test your FTP!



A 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

heart rate monitor is a very useful tool when used with a power meter. A heart rate monitor can let you know how your body is physiologically adapting to your training routine. As you get fitter, your heart rate will be lower at the same power levels meaning that your body is adapting to your training. You can also use your heart rate monitor to track your recovery. If you are out for a hard ride or tackling a tough interval session and are struggling to hit your power numbers you can use your heart rate monitor to see how your body is responding. If your heart rate is not rising as per your other training sessions, you may be risking overtraining and is a sign to take it easy or even a rest day.

If you are looking to get into Zwift racing, a heart rate monitor is necessary to ensure that you are not disqualified from your race. The Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with both Ant+ and Bluetooth devices meaning that you can connect it to your iOS device, Apple TV, or Laptop when Zwifting. The Viiiiva also can act as an Ant+ to Bluetooth Bridge, meaning that you can connect your Ant+ devices to the Viiiiva and convert those signals to Bluetooth.