How to care for your Power Meter


  • Do not directly spray your power meter with a pressure washer.
  • Cover your power meter to avoid direct contact with any Cleaner/degreaser. Some degreasers can cause your battery housing to become brittle. If you get cleaner/degreaser on your power meter, make sure to rinse it off immediately.
  • Take the battery cover off WHEN DRY and wipe down the gasket area with a dry paper towel to ensure that no cleaner/degreaser has gotten on or between the gasket and fasteners.





  • Drive Side (Right)- Ensure that the drive side battery cap is installed securely in the locked position and that the screws are fastened snug.
  • Non Drive Side (Left)- When installing the non-drive side battery cap, use your thumb to apply pressure on the cap when twisting it in place with the other hand.
  • The O-Ring should not be visible after installing and the cap should be flush with the pod housing.
  • Lost or damaged your battery cap? You can order a replacement HERE





  • Every battery cap (Left and Right) has an o-ring installed to guard against water and dust ingress. It is important to regularly check the integrity of your o-ring.
  • To check your o-ring, remove the battery cap and visually inspect the o-ring to ensure it is free of rips and tears and seated in the groove. We recommend occasionally lubricating your o-ring by applying a light coating of silicone base grease to protect it from drying out and cracking.